I’m bacck!

So the company party?  And Isis’ folks?  Both very nice…  And here’s what went down:

Me:  So you’re Isis’s dad.  My husband has told me a lot about her.  Do you have a picture?  this always gets them  She’s beautiful!!  and she is indeed, steel blue coat with a white patch on her face and a white chest

Him:  Yep, she’s a cuddler, that one.  What a snuggle bug!!  this, coming from a guy covered in tatts, shaved head, smoking a butt 

Me:  laughing Yes!  I know!  And you’re not the first person I’ve heard describe them that way!  Snuggle bugs!

Him:  grinning I let her sleep with me on the bed.

Me:  leaning over, whispering conspiratorially, We let Rose sleep with us too!

Him:  Aren’t they great dogs?!

Me:  nodding, yes, they are. But so misunderstood!

Him:  I know.  Poor Isis.  When we rescued her from some guy my wife’s buddy knew- they just kept letting her have puppies and then they’d take them away from her before it was time, breed her again, and then let her have puppies….  I think she’s depressed.  I want to let her have puppies, be a proper mama, and then have her fixed.

Me:  deep breath, give me the right words… Well, she’s got a good home now.  You’ve only had her for a few months and she’s learning what it’s like to be a dog who’s loved.  Time heals.  We’ve had Rose for a year now, and she’s really turned the corner and settled.  There are so many pit bulls that are in foster care or rescues who need good homes.  Puppies are cute, but then they grow up…

Him: slowly nods

Her:  See?  I don’t want her to have puppies.  I’m not sure that will help her.

Me:  You might be right.  If she were to have pups again, that’s more strain on her young body.  You’ll want to find good homes for the puppies, you’ll get attached.  It’s hard to find good homes- you just never know.  What if she had 8 or 9 pups?!  That’s 8 or 9 good homes you’d need to find.

Him:  I see your point.  I’d never want anything bad to happen to them.

Me:  grinning Just love her up, she’s got you guys.  You’re her family, her pack now.  I’d be willing to bet she’ll be just fine with more time.

I hope and pray that they think about it.  I hope and pray they get Isis fixed. It was a nice conversation and I learned something.  I hope and pray they did as well.

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