Guess Bess!

Because the Big Guy and I thought it would be interesting and because I had a coupon from PetSmart, we decided to send a sample of Bess’s DNA to Wisdom Panel…  y’know just for hoots & giggles.

Then!  Because my experience with my family and friends has been nothing short of slapstick and hilarious, I thought it would be wonderful to hold a contest.  And Bess rhymes with guess – a sign, no?

So I sent out a group email with the rules, (pick the top 3 breeds in her family tree), a picture of Bess, and the cut-off date.  The winner would receive a $25 gift certificate to the Humane Society or Animal Welfare League of their choice.   I would answer any and all questions pertaining to her behavior, physical attributes, and temperament.  But a reminder… she’s only been with us a few short weeks.

The feedback was immediate and positive.  How much does she weigh?  How tall is she?  Can you send a picture of her muzzle?  Animal Farm Foundation‘s mission is to educate people- teaching them that all dogs are individuals. So it was exciting for me to have these specific questions.

At this point in time, these are the some of the guesses:  Boston Terrier, American Staffordshire, Dalmation, Bulldog, Boxer, and… Holstein.  (Did I mention my family/friends could also be smart-asses?)

I’ll post the results when I get them.  But for now?  Bess is a certified ‘cuddle bug’ beside me at night on the couch.  She’s learned to play with toys… at first she just emptied out the box.  Now, she picks something and plays with it.  She’s learned her name.  She snorts like a pig.

And lastly?  We love her.  IMG_0480


Meet Bess

She is anywhere from 4 to 6 years old.  She was confiscated in a fight bust down south.  She was the breed bitch, whelping one litter after another.  She’s lived most of her life in a small crate.

We contacted Animal Farm Foundation because I wanted to adopt another pit bull- but I wanted to deal with an  organization that was reputable.  After our adoption experience with Rose, I wasn’t doing PetFinder again.

They were fabulous.  I found a dog-  Marilyn young, female, good with other dogs, & beautiful!  Gray brindle mearle coat.  *sigh*  Lovely!  I thought she’d be a great fit with Finn.  (And the name!  Had to be aligned by the stars- my mom’s name is Marilyn!)

The 4-hour drive to Duchess County NY was lovely.  We arrived on time. We left Finn in the rig and went in to meet Marilyn.  She was gorgeous!  Short stubby legs, let-me-show-you-my-toy, I am dead of “cuteness”.  We introduce her to Finn.  He ignores her.  That’s ok buddy, you’ve been in the rig for 4 hours, it’s flipp’n hot & humid out, you can be cranky.

We walk.  These folks are amazing!  They know what they’re doing.  So we walk, side-by-by-side.  Marilyn loves Finn.  He ignores her.  I feel sorry for the girl.

We get to the play yard.  Finn does not want anything to do with her.  I can feel my throat closing up; I will not cry.  Finn is my boy.

We go back to the main house.  Marilyn is subdued.  Finn is confused and wants to go home.  Jaimie suggests that Marilyn will not be a good match for Finn.  We nod.  She takes Marilyn away.  I try (again) not to cry.

Jaimie comes back.  “We have another dog.  She’s older than you wanted, but would you like to see her?”  We say yes.  She gives us a room for Finn.  We go back to the main room.  She brings out “Patty”.  I take one look at Patty, one look at the Big Guy, and bust out laughing.  I duck my head to Jaimie.  seriously??  this dog has been beaten with an ugly stick  But then, Patty waddles over to me and puts her head on my knee  I am done.

IMG_0465Finn liked her immediately.  We named her Bess.